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Make Your Own Rustic Wreath

Dec 2011 Christmas 2011 Catalogue, The Dominon Post
Photographer: John Nicholson

Xmas Wreath

Rustic wreath with a twist

Diane Cheyne, of Living Style, has divulged one of her trade secrets for Dominion Post readers - a simple but stylish wreath to adorn your hearth or front door this Christmas. All you need is $10 of materials and about 30 minutes to spare.

What you need


1 metre of hessian (1.3 metres wide), or coffee sacks

florist’s wire

1 metre of 2mm-wide galvanised wire

2 metres of red ribbon

2 metres of green ribbon

pine cones and branches

flax (optional)


Tape measure

Wire cutter


Step 1

Cut the hessian into five 14cm strips across the width. Fold each strip in half lengthwise on a bench or table and crease it with the palm of your hand to create a centre line.

Step 2

Using a running stitch, thread the 1-metre-long wire along the centre line of all five lengths of hessian using 1cm-long stitches, twisting and scrunching the cloth as you go. Once all five are threaded and twisted, make a hook of the top piece of wire and thread the other end through it to complete the circle and, as you knot the wire, create a loop so you can hang the wreath.

Step 3

Lay the two ribbons together and fold in alternate directions into 20cm lengths, leaving a 40cm tail. Tightly tie a piece of flax string or wire around the centre of the folded ribbons and gently tease out the inner bows, laying alternate colours on each side. Tie the bow firmly to the bottom of the wreath.

Step 4

Create stems for the pine cones by wrapping a piece of the green florist’s wire tightly around the cone inside the scales and at the base, twist the two ends of wire together to form a stem. Wrap more florist’s wire around the bouquet of branches and cones to secure them. Use the excess wire to weave the bouquet into the back of the wreath (top or bottom, depending on your preference). Place one branch behind the wreath to help balance it. Now all you need to do is find somewhere to hang your rustic wreath so Santa knows where to call.

Creative styling company Living Style, Days Bay, Eastbourne, provides unique styling for events such as weddings, corporate functions and product launches. It also runs creativity classes.


Garden Party TuTu

Dec 2011 Private Address, Auckland
Inspired by nature and re-living my childhood I couldn’t resist making this ‘Garden TuTu’ for a 3rd Birthday Garden Party - metres of pink tuille, pink bouganvillia, hot hisbiscus flowers fill the inside, caterpillars, monarch butterflies, a weta under a leaf , loads of ‘bling’, hot pink bows, lime pods adorn the top layer. Every little girls dream, it's pink and rustles when you dance…



Creative Oasis by the Bay

Summer 2011 HOME Supplement, The Dominion Post
Photographer: John Nicholson

Oasis in the Bay


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